Past The Midpoint Past The Midpoint

Past The Midpoint

In fact, we are way past the midpoint! We crossed it in February/March 2021, filing the Interim Report to Erasmus+ National Agency. Now it's official: the report has been accepted. Progress: good. Paperwork: in order. Budget: spent as planned, except for covid-cancelled travels.

In the summer 2021 we are far in the second half of the project. Time for some updates on our Intellectual Outputs!

  • O3: The collection of 10+ syllabi + teacher's booklets is going through final editing throughout the summer. So far we offered pre-release versions upon request. Some of them were already run at our HEIs, bringing useful in-class observations. The final version will see the light of day in September/October 2021. BONUS: In addition to college-level resources, we are working on a package for secondary schools.
  • O4: BIG WIN! The UKW administration has authorized our Master programme "Narratology for Game Writers & Designers" for 2022/23. We just need to wait for the start of the academic year 2021/22 to put it officially on the list of programmes to-be-launched the year after. We expect this to happen in Q4 2021. Until then we don't make it big news - yet.
  • O6: The digital Curriculum Generator is being developed. We expect the first playable prototype in two weeks. We can't wait to lay our digital hands on it! We put work on other O4 curricula on hold for the time being - so that we could build them in the O6 tool.
  • - O8: The scope of research for the Game Jam Educator's Handbook has reached insane levels: 430+ sources and counting. The O8 crew is neck-deep in literature review and data analysis from our own online survey.
  • GAMEHIGHED JAM: In case you missed the news, on the 16-18th of April we organized a pretty large game jam online: 400+ participants, 83 games, multiple industry partners, and a ton of prizes. You can watch the final ceremony here: