We have crossed the Rubicon!*

We have crossed the Rubicon!*

(*Actually, it was the Golden Horn + Bosphorus, but it’s metaphorically close enough*)

The first GAMEHIGHED quest – 1 of 4 planned study visits - is now completed. Teams from UKW, JYU and CU + GDACZ chairman came to BAU in Istanbul from the 23rd to 25th of October: three days packed with meetings and intellectual explorations. We had the opportunity to talk to BAU students, teachers and research staff, including industry practitioners doubling as BAU instructors. We had a tour of the facilities and took a sneak peek in a few classes. We talked with the Deans and Mrs. President about prospects for inter-university collaboration within – and beyond - the current project. We met with Turkish game dev companies and game industry associations, discussing their existing cooperation with BAU and its possible extension to our countries and universities. On the last day, we paid a visit to Rollic Games Hub, the Turkish publisher and production hub of hypercasual games.

I am not going to reveal the details; let’s save the good stuff for the publication of O1. Let me just say this has been a huge step forward in our thinking about games-ed programmes, and has opened more venues for international collaboration than we’d anticipated.

Now we are looking forward to the next study visit: Charles University, Prague, in November.
- Michał Mochocki