Winter updates Winter updates

Winter updates

Heavy snows are not slowing us down. We are currently working on three Intellectual Outputs simultaneously.

  • O3: BA syllabi+teacher's booklets are about to enter the last revision phase, informed by feedback from external consultants (game industry professionals, first and foremost). We'll be collecting feedback until the 15th of March, so if you are a game dev of game academia professional, there's still a time to lend your helping hand.
  • O4: MA Curriculum in English Studies, Game Writing & Design has been drafted and submitted to UKW authorities. The initial response to the idea of launching it at the Dept. of Anglophone Literatures in October 2021 is enthusiastic. Let's see how it plays out in further depths of UKW edu-administration. In the meantime, we are polishing the edges. And yes - as always - we are on the lookout for constructive feedback.
  • O8: Game Jam Handbook is in its early phase. We are collecting data from game jam organisers and attendees via  online questionnaires. With Global Game Jam having just ended (27-31st Jan 2021), we are particularly interested in GGJammers' perspective on its first online edition.

As always, interested stakeholders have access to early pre-release versions of our materials. Just let us know: