Associated Partners

Unlike the five consortium Partners, who are legally and financially bound by the project commitments throughout the 3-year duration, Associated Partners have volunteered to support selected activities in selected time slots. Associated Partners may come and go as the project progresses, so this list is likely to change.

Indie Games Poland Foundation

Just like GDACZ in Czechia, Indie Games Poland Foundation is an association of Polish video game dev, working for the growth of the industry in Poland and worldwide. Their special focus is financial, organisational and PR support for small game studios and the independent (‘indie’) game scene in Poland. They collaborate with giant global companies (e.g. Microsoft) and are active in Polish and global industry conferences. They represent the Polish game industry in contacts with Polish govt. agencies, participating in policy-making and national edu-projects. They strongly support professional peer-to-peer education in the game community, offering expert guidance and competence-building to young & small companies. Some of their board members are themselves HE staff in games-ed programmes. IGP will provide expert consulting on GAMEHIGHED outputs from the perspective of industry professionals, and will help disseminate the best results of the project.

Games Research Association of Poland

Games Research Association of Poland is a non-profit academic NGO uniting game scholars. It has been involved with govt. agencies in policy-making on games safety and games market regulation, and participates in research projects (most recently: #NeverAgain project in Europe for Citizens led by the Univ. of Turku). In 2017-18 it ran the “Curriculum Design for Skills in Game Design” project, whose outputs are whitepapers outlining the idea of ‘core curriculum’ (see Downloads), which will be developed in GAMEHIGHED. GRAP will help collect feedback and know-how from Polish HEIs and industry stakeholders, and help disseminate the Intell. Outputs in the Polish and international academic community.

Sirius Game Studio

Sirius Game Studio is a serious games company based in Gdynia, Poland. They specialise in research-based development and dissemination of wide spectrum of KSA (knowledge, skills, attitudes) learning outcomes through games. They have been a partner for Game Studies & Design at UKW, helping in curriculum design, game design teaching, student traineeship and edurecruitment. In GAMEHIGHED they will be valuable industry consultants from the fields of non-digital games and immersive experiences, and will help disseminate the project results to their networks: game industries, serious games community, edu- and culture institutions in Poland.

4th Secondary School in Bydgoszcz

IV LO (4th Secondary School) in Bydgoszcz is a public state school which launched (2017) an experimental Math-Natural Science track with Elements of Game Design. The teachers collaborate with UKW Game Studies&Design staff. In GAMEHIGHED, the school will be testing selected edu-resources (mainly from O3). The school will also support the dissemination of project results, promoting them in the secondary school system through teacher’s conferences, personal networks and online media.

Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague is traditionally collaborating on game-related education and participating in several courses taught at CU. They will feedback and test some of created materials relevant to their context and serve as agents for dissemination of project outcomes.


Spiluddannelse (Co. Alexander Kirkegaard) hosts and curates the Danish Game Education Index, a tracker for current and historic Danish game educations. Furthermore, the company facilitates interinstitutional cooperation in Danish game education, and leads smaller research and game dev projects. In the GAMEHIGHED project  the company will disseminate the game education curriculum research output in the Danish game-educational context.