The 3 years with GAMEHIGHED are now over. We started this journey in September 2019. In October 2022 we are releasing the full set of project outcomes:

  • O1 GAMEHIGHED Initial Report
  • O2 BA in Narrative & Game Design curriculum
  • O3 Bachelor-level edu-resources
  • O4 Master and PhD curricula
  • O5 Master-level edu-resources
  • O6 Curriculum generator
  • O7/O8 Report and handbook for game jam organisers
  • O9 Pre-game jam workshops
  • O10 GAMEHIGHED Companion Book

Check the "Downloads" page on our website.

Taken together, this is a comprehensive pack of resources for higher-ed institutions running game-focused programmes, and for gamedev stakeholders who collaborate with universities. The project also supported multiple study visits between the partners as well as dissemination events for external audiences. In this final news, we wish to thank everyone who contributed to the project throughout the years. We have learned a lot - and we are happy to share our know-how with the world.

Gamehighed in numbers